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Even the Baddest RZR Can't Make This Hill Climb

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The Polaris RZR is pretty unstoppable, unless you're trying to climb this mountain.

Polaris makes some ridiculously tough machines, there's just no arguing that point. The RZR is designed for racing, mudding and pretty much every type of terrain in between.

When it comes to hill climbs, the RZR usually conquers them all, until this one. Watch with caution.

Depending on the type of off-roading that you're doing, you might want to look into a custom roll cage for your machine (and no, believe it or not, we are not related to the brand Wide Open Design - except through mutual passion for the outdoors, of course). These types of roll cages are extremely reinforced and can even allow for additional accessories to be mounted to suit your exact needs. You can't ever be too safe out there on the trails.

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Wide Open Design

Safe riding everyone!


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Even the Baddest RZR Can't Make This Hill Climb