things to do outdoors with your grandkids
Photo courtesy of Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries & Parks

6 Things to Do Outdoors with Your Grandkids

Got grandkids? Trying to find things to do with them? Introduce them to the outdoors with these six activities perfect for all ages.

As a child, there are no greater people in your life than your grandparents. Those people who love you so much and practically give you whatever you want. I don't have grandkids myself, but I can imagine the new  joys that they can bring to your life.

Some of my fondest childhood memories were days that I spent at my grandparents'. Getting youth into the outdoors is a great thing, and it's never been more important than it is in this day and age, when kids seemed to be glued to the TV, iPads, and what is going on in the social media realm.

Doing one of these six simple things with your grandkids could change their lives, and I guarantee they will remember it forever.

1. Plinking

Grab the grandkids, set up some cans in the backyard, grab the .22 Ruger and start plinking. A good day of plinking will have them laughing and it is a good way to introduce them to the joys of shooting.

It is a great way to teach them gun safety and how a firearm works as well.

As a child, it's almost impossible to pull a trigger and not smile. The low caliber will allow them to enjoy it without much recoil and noise.

2. Squirrel Hunt

Small game is where so many hunters start. Small game hunting with my family instilled the passion I have for the outdoors, and it has for thousands of others. Squirrels are plentiful, and in the right spot you stand a great chance of seeing some. It is a great way to show the young ones a few tips and tactics with hunting. How to sit quietly, find good spots, and enjoy some fresh air.

Even if you don't see any, it is always nice to be outside and who knows what other animals and sights you might see.

3. Bluegill/Crappie Fishing

As a child I vividly remember how excited I got when seeing a bobber suck under the water surface and felt the tightening of my line. When bluegill or crappie are spawning, fishing can really keep children's attention.

Grandpa is sure to be a big hit with the grandkid, and you can expect them to be begging for another trip.

It is just fishing to them at the moment, but it is much bigger than that to you. And when they are old enough to think back on it, they will thank you.

Oh yea, and who doesn't love some fried fish?

4. ATV Ride

Weather permitting a four wheeler or golf cart ride can be a blast for a grandkid. Drive around country roads and have competitions to see who can find the most deer. A little competition is a great way to keep them engaged and looking in the fields.

Stop to pick flowers or play in creeks. Find sticks that look like pistols. Show them how beautiful the outdoors can be when you slow down life and that there is fun to be had in it.

Once again, get them out in the fresh air and out of the electronic bubble.

5. Gardening

This is a good one. No, a great one. Many grandparents own gardens. And talk about getting two birds with one stone. This is a great way to get kids outside playing in the dirt, as well as learning a little work ethic.

Growing up I loved helping my grandma and grandpa in the garden. For some reason it was fun to help pull weeds back then. Being able to help them, gave you a sense of pride as a young kid. Picking all the sweet corn, shucking the stalks, and then feeding them to the livestock was a blast.

Then later that evening eating the sweet corn with the family was always a good time. Much like hunting, it was the first time I came to recognize, food tasted better when you had personally worked for it.

Not to mention all the cool bugs you would find in the garden and the critters like snakes we would chase.

Gardening may sound tedious and like work to you, but the grandchildren can learn a lot from the experience and have a lot of fun.

6. Skip Some Rocks

So simple, yet so much fun. Who knew a couple rocks and a body of water could be so entertaining? This is a great one, because no matter where you live it is possible to make this one happen. Head somewhere with the grandkids to search for good skipping rocks.

Finding rocks in itself can be entertaining, and then throwing know they will like that. Then head to water and make a game of it. Something about seeing a rock skip across the water is intriguing. Why? I have no clue, but I have never met a kid who didn't enjoy it.

Once again, make a game of it and see if they can try to up the amount of skips they get.

A great way to pass some time and a lot of fun for the kids.

Make It Fun

These are just a few ideas, but there is tons of ways to get the kids outdoors. Be creative and make it fun. If they don't enjoy it, don't force it. Patience is key. All these things are things that I loved to do as a kid and I appreciate that people did it for me.

It is too bad you don't understand how simple life was when you are that age. And don't you wish you could go back to those times?

Take your grandchild outdoors. You will love it and they will be thankful for the memories that will be stored away forever.

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