vintage family camping photos

10 Vintage Family Camping Photos That Will Take You Back

We love camping as much as our grandparents did.

These vintage family camping photos show just how fun camping was way back then.

10. These fine ladies and this great set up make this the campground that all others envy.

9. Grandpa and grandma always had the coolest ways to camp. Of course, they do it while dressed in their Sunday best, too.

8. Up for a game of tennis? These gentlemen would rather have a tentside snack and watch the ladies build up a sweat. Not a bad idea, fellas.

7. What's for dinner? If that's steak then we'll pull up a chair.

6. The family that always has the best camping gear. Yes, there was gear envy even way back then.

5. How about a fly in camp? Now that is certainly the best way to get away from it all.

4. Grandma always knew how to make the best campfire pancakes. We sure could go for a healthy helping right now.

3. Might as well set up in the pasture field and invite the whole family to the camp out. Just be careful where you step.

2. Drive that old VW Bus down to the beach and have the best camp out ever. No snow in sight here.

1. All loaded up and ready to head up into the mountains. Happy days are here again.