camp in african lion country

Would You Camp in African Lion Country?

Camping with lions around is a bad idea.

For instance, these African lions are quite interested in getting into those flimsy tents.

Check out the exhilarating video:

When in lion country better camp in your vehicle or a building with sturdy walls and roof. How about tent camping? Well that is not such a stellar idea.

In this video shared on Facebook by John Ndadala Walenga proves in African lion country tent camping is a horrible idea. A pride of lions is curious what loud obnoxious creatures are yelling at them. They scratch at the tent and try to pull it down. The campers yell in shear fright as a huge male lion attacks the tent.

So what was the outcome of this camping trip gone wrong? Your guess is as good as ours but those lions might be a few pounds heavier after that campground visit.