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Deer Enjoys a Cold Beer While Cruising in His Polaris

These hunters had a creative way of carting their harvested deer home. Talk about turning heads on the highway!

Carting your harvested deer home or to the butchers is generally done in a number of mundane and ‘normal’ ways, including the common method of heaped in the back of a pick-up or strapped to the back of an ATV. But for these Michigan hunters with a ‘redneck’ sense of humor, they decided to buck the trend and get a little creative.

Jeremy Roomsburg shared the following phone clip to his Facebook page on November 19 with the caption “This Just Happened.” And ‘what happened’ sure is pretty funny! Not to give too much away, but the gist of this hilarity is a deer, a beer, and a Polaris.

Drum roll, please…

The ten-second video has garnered a great deal of attention, reaching 6.2 million views in the first 48 hours. Now, that’s impressive!

Hats off to these hunters for giving us – and those that were driving down the road that day – a serious case of the chuckles. And while we’re on the topic, who can forget this hunter, who also had a creative – yet very unorthodox – way for getting his deer to the butchers. One clue. Bicycle. Check out that head-scratching video here.


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Deer Enjoys a Cold Beer While Cruising in His Polaris