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You Can Now Pre-Order Eva Shockey's Book, to be Released August 29

Eva Shockey's long-anticipated first book, Taking Aim, is destined to become a best seller. 

Eva Shockey broke the news about her very first book on January 4, 2017. Since that day, the hunting and outdoor world has been abuzz with anticipation, wondering when we'll finally get to hold a copy in our hands. Mark your calendars, folks, as we now know the release date is set for August 29, 2017.

Eva and her adorable daughter Leni Bow went live on Facebook March 22 for the big release date reveal. The book, titled Taking Aim, is a riveting memoir on 'daring to be different, happier, and healthier in the great outdoors.'

Here's what Eva and her team have to say about Taking Aim:

A world-famous bow hunter who defies the stereotype that hunting is a man's game, Eva Shockey is a real-life Katniss Everdeen-a TV and social media star at the forefront of a new wave of women and girls in outdoor sports.

Eva Shockey grew up aspiring to be a dancer, like her glamorous mother. But something about spending family vacations RV-ing across North America and going on hunts with her dad sparked in her an unduring passion for a different way of life.

In Taking Aim, Eva tells a very personal story of choosing the less-traveled path to a rewarding life in outdoor pursuits like hunting and fishing. For her, as the millions of fans who follow her life on TV and on social media can attest, that has meant hunting as a way of harvesting food, caring deeply about sustainability and healthy eating, and getting closer to God in nature.

In this riveting memoir for the adventurer in all of us, Eva takes us along for the ride as she scales rugged mountains in Alaska, tracks 1,500-pound bull moose through unforgiving Yukon terrain, and meets the many challenges of a life in the outdoors. Along the way we learn that hunting is about so much more than letting an arrow fly or pulling a trigger.

Whether you're a lifelong hunter or a city dweller who has never set foot in the wilderness, Eva's story offers a timeless, empowering message about rejecting stereotypes and expectations, believing in yourself, and finding the courage to pursue your own unique dream.

You can pre-order Taking Aim here. For Canadian orders, use this link instead. And if you're interested in seeing more of Eva on your TV screen, be sure to order her 2-DVD set, The Best of Eva Shockey.

Eva, like her father Jim, are the real deal when it comes to hunting, family, and the great outdoors. We know Taking Aim will become a coveted treasure on your bookshelf.