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Eva Shockey Arrows a Brute of a Buck in Saskatchewan

Eva Shockey scores on a big Saskatchewan buck. Thanks to social media, we get to tag along on the hunt with her!

Eva Shockey has a huge following on social media. And it is her willingness to share the intimate details of her awesome hunts that make us love this female hunter even more.

Nov. 6 marked Eva's first sit in the Saskatchewan ground blind. By 4:58 p.m., a doe and one young buck had made an appearance.


As prime-time set in, Eva began willing a monster whitetail in by posting "come onnnnnn big buck!"

It wasn't to be that day.

Day two began with a drive to the blind in style.Shockey13

The first buck of the day showed up mid-morning. It stood perfectly broadside 23 yards out.

It was a decent buck by any standards, but they let this one walk, holding out for one particular old buck they had been seeing.


Here is the big boy Eva is holding out for - and what an impressive buck he is!

"Yesterday he came in during daylight so we are sitting out allllllll dayyyyy longggg today! Fingers crossed he follows a routine!" Eva posted at 10:59 a.m.


And here is a priceless screen grab showing the actual expression when Eva first lay eyes on the trail camera footage of the big boy. Gotta love her enthusiasm!


Anyone who has spent time in a stand or blind knows how easily an impromptu nap can happen. After six hours of their stake out, Eva's two hunting partners - Taylor and Wojo - were fast asleep counting deer.

Even a young buck decided to have an afternoon siesta in front of the blind.


Three hours later and Eva was down for the count.


Day two wrapped up with plenty of action but no sign of the big buck.

After 12 straight hours in the blind, Eva is all smiles for the beginning of her third day of the hunt.


That smile was short lived, however, as just after noon Eva posted the following comment and selfie:

"AHHHH! I just spooked a giant buck!!! Noooooooooooooooooo!!!!"

Most of us know the feeling.


And here is the trophy buck she is talking about.


Dealing with the disappointment, Dad Jim Shockey came through with the following pep talk via a text message.

If anyone knows the right words of encouragement, it is definitely the Shockey patriarch.


And then this happened! At 6:23 p.m., Eva posted the following message and pic:

"My monster buck came back!!!!!! That's me at full draw on the left and that's the buck staring me down from 23 yards and refusing to turn broadside. SERIOUSLY, BUCK!?! My heart was POUNDING but he never gave me a clear shot so I had to let him walk. HOLY EXCITEMENT!!!!!! HOLY FRUSTRATION! I love hunting season!"


Then, on day four of the hunt, Eva's luck changed. She uploaded a smiling selfie - clutching a broadhead with visible fur and blood - and a caption we had all been waiting for:

"THIS JUST HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


To keep the suspense going a little bit longer, this image hit the Internet an hour later.


Finally, the trophy buck is unveiled. You have to hand it to her: Eva came with a game plan, a goal of which deer she wanted to harvest, and she made it happen.

And what an awesome trophy it is!



A 19-yard shot was the undoing of this Saskatchewan trophy buck.

For those wondering, Eva's equipment that day was the Eva Shockey Signature Series Bow from Bowtech Archery coupled with the Trocar 3-Blade Muzzy Broadheads. Definitely a deadly combination.

Way to go, Eva! And thanks for being a wonderful ambassador to the hunting community and an inspiration and positive role model to the legion of fans who follow your adventures each week.

Photos: Eva Shockey / Facebook


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Eva Shockey Arrows a Brute of a Buck in Saskatchewan