EssenPack: 23 Essential Items Stored in One Smart Travel Pouch

EssenPack is the latest easy to carry pouch that has everything you need, and more.

The new EssenPack light carry pouch from Wey Innovations may just be what you are looking for in a lightweight carry bag for your next camping, hiking trip, or any trip for that matter.

There are multiple versions of this nifty pack jammed with travel necessities, starting with the EssenPack Lite for only $99.

This handy little starter unit comes complete with neck pillow, earplugs, eye mask, picnic blanket, rain jacket, clean t-shirt, cap, toothbrush, SIM tray pin, straw, and a multitool. They're all made of ultralight materials, making the travel pack simple to shove in a bag or pocket and transport it just about anywhere.

Upgrade to the EssenPack Classic and it includes a neck warmer, gloves, microfiber towel, water bottle, and a grocery bag.

Move up to the EssenPack Pro and the kit also carries eyeglass cleaner, a backpack, a UV sterilizer, spoon, fork, chopsticks, and a fiddle toy. All of this is based on EssenPack's three rules of traveling: travel light, travel safe, and travel more.

If you want better utility on your next trip, this is the travel pouch you need. Here's their video with more:

The EssenPack Brings All Your Travel Essentials Together in One Compact Pouch

EssenPack is currently a KickStarter project trying to fund their new item, but it can be ordered by backing their campaign. As the site says, the EssenPack "ships to anywhere in the world."

According to their FAQs page, "All materials are hand-picked and of the highest quality. The pack itself is made of high-quality vegan leather. Contents are made of packable, durable and lightweight nylon and polyester."

The pack itself is water resistant, but since it has zippers, it is not completely waterproof. For those of us that travel, hike, bike, and go camping every summer, this little pack might just have a place in our gear collection.

What's most convenient is the fact that all these items, if purchased separately from Amazon's survival gear section, you'd easily spend three times as much money.

Of course, once the essential items are removed from the EssenPack, they will have to be restored to the pack at some point and there's no telling how easy or difficult that may be at this time. One good thing is that the lightweight pouch is durable, and should last a long time.

Because there's always the next adventure, right?

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