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Meet the Fontus: The Water Bottle That Pulls Drinking Water from the Air

The solar-powered Fontus can extract humidity from the surrounding air and turn it into potable water right on the spot.

The Fontus is an inspired idea from those whose lives takes them to extreme locations where water may not be within easy grasp. The goal was to create a compact system that could be entirely self-sufficient in absorbing water molecules from humid air.

According to Kristof Retezar, industrial designer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, Austria, “More than two billion people in more than 40 countries live in regions with water scarcity. In 2030, 47 percent of the world’s population will be living in areas of high water stress. Water scarcity may be the most underestimated resource issue facing the world today. Every measure to ease this upcoming crisis is a welcome one”

Here’s a quick look at the Fontus in action and what it can do:

Right now this method is still in the design phase, but the idea is one whose time has come. The immediate application is one for a bicycle or hiking tours.

One of the brightest reasons for this invention is getting it to people in areas with scarce groundwater and yet high humidity. Since the earth’s atmosphere contains vast amounts of untapped freshwater engineering ways to exploit this resource could be instrumental in giving poorer people’s a chance to be more self-sufficient.

Even with questions like, “Will it absorb humidity from a person’s own sweat,” or “What about polluted urban air,” an invention like this could be as much of a savior in an emergency situation as the Lifestraw or even a simple compass.


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Meet the Fontus: The Water Bottle That Pulls Drinking Water from the Air