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A Knife-Sharpening Hack That Doesn't Require a Knife Sharpener

Use this handy tip to sharpen your dull knife during your next outdoor adventure.

It's probably happened to you before: you drive out to the trailhead or campsite and realize you left your sharpening stone back at home. Well, if you have your car or truck with you, you also have one of the best knife sharpeners around.

Not the exterior... No, never take a blade to that. I'm talking about the car window. If you can roll it down halfway, the frosted glass edge at the top of your vehicle's window will work as an excellent knife-sharpening surface.

Outdoorsman Robert Arrington, aka deermeatfordinner, is here to show you how.

Watch as he quickly turns a dull knife into a sharp knife without ever reaching in his pack.

Pretty nifty, eh? It takes some practice, but this knife sharpening trick can prove handy, especially if you forget to bring your knife sharpener with you on a camping or hunting trip. Just remember to check for a sharp edge before you head into the brush.

This trick will work on just about any glass surface that has a frosted edge. Similar surfaces that come to mind include glass-plated scales, window shelves and coffee tables, though, your spouse might have qualms with you sharpening your blades on the coffee table.

You may recognize Arrington. In addition to his deermeatfordinner videos, Arrington also hosts "Respect Outdoors," which airs on the Sportsman Channel.

I'd say he's a true sportsman.

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