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How to Take Advantage of Your Own Backyard

Why plan an expensive vacation when you can explore your own hometown? 

It's nearly impossible to get to know every inch of the U.S., let alone visit every single national landmark. In fact, we're betting there are places in your own hometown you haven't even explored yet!

If you're looking for a day trip with the family this fall, here are a few ways to take advantage of your own backyard and love every second of it.

1. Just drive

It seems silly, but how often do you just hop in the truck and drive? Make time for a drive around your hometown this fall by just getting in the car, phones off, and flipping a quarter to go left or right.


Oh, and get out of the vehicle. Some of the best views are roadside. With best-in-class 29 highway MPG* that comes with the Ram 1500, what's the downside?

The fuel will last a long way, and the memories you'll make along the way will last a lifetime.

2. Know your locals

Vegetable market

Have you been to that local farmer's stand lately? You know the one: his wife and kids man the stand on the weekends near the stopover points for the interstate. Next time you're passing by, hop out and get to know them.

After all, you're a local, too, and it's refreshing to talk to people face to face in your own neck of the woods.

3. Check the paper

The next time you're out at the store, grab a local paper, if you don't already have one delivered to your mailbox.

Local events that tend to suit families and the outdoors alike are often advertised in the Classifieds or written up in the Coming Events sections.

4. Go the local history museum

Mountain Farm Museum at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Even if the local history museum is a one-room building on the outskirts of town, give it a shot! The quirkier, the better, and almost every single state has one or two especially exciting records to lay claim to. You'll learn more about your own corner of the world and maybe discover a new hobby in the process.

5. Camp in it

You could know a road in and out, backwards and forwards, by heart, but that still doesn't mean you know the nature surrounding that road just as well. It's always worthwhile to take the kids out for a small weekend camping trip or plan a trip to a local state park to breathe some fresh air.


With the Rambox® Cargo Management System, getting everyone's gear ready to go takes less time than ever, so you can focus on teaching your budding outdoorsman or woman how to experience life to the fullest.

Based on Standard Pickup Class. EPA-estimated 29 highway MPG with available EcoDiesel V6 engine 4x2, HFE model. Actual mileage may vary.


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How to Take Advantage of Your Own Backyard