This Epic Early Morning Turkey Hunt is Exactly How It's Done

We all dream of having a successful early morning turkey hunt, but it doesn't always pan out that way.

But, sometimes it all comes together. Roosted birds pitch down in your direction, a group of toms comes gobbling and strutting in, and you make a great shot to cap off a great early morning turkey hunt.

Crank up the volume and experience the sights and sounds of a hunt that went all right.

While every successful hunt involves a bit of luck, caller Dave Owens played everything just right to make it happen on this magical morning hunt.

Here's a few things to notice and emulate to help you be successful in the spring woods this season:

  • Owens roosted the bird the night before. This allowed him to set up close in the morning.
  • He waited until the birds flew down before calling to them. Calling to roosted gobblers can cause them to remain in the tree longer than normal.
  • He started with soft calls, but increased his intensity once he realized he was competing with a real hen.
  • He fired up the hen by imitating her excited yelping and cutting, bringing the whole flock to him.
  • When the gobblers came into view, he toned down the calling and made them come and look for him.
  • He called well throughout the hunt. Get your calls out now and start practicing. That way, you'll sound like a real turkey when the season arrives.

Videos like this one help stave turkey junkies over until they can get out and hunt themselves. Take heart, spring will be here soon.

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