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5 Killer Sounds to Bag a Spring Turkey [VIDEO]

Joe Ogden and Jason Cleveland demonstrate their favorite killer sounds for spring gobblers.

Joe and Jason's record speaks for itself. These Whitetail Properties fellas can hunt turkeys too.

Watch the video to learn the killer sounds that help them succeed in the spring woods.


Let's review these killer sounds so you will remember them in the woods.

1. Yelp and Cutt: Joe demonstrates the technique in the video, but it sounds something like, "Yelp, cutt, yelp yelp, cutt cutt, yelp, yelp yelp yelp." I've used this call to bring in gobblers with and without hens. Remember to adjust your volume as the turkeys get closer.

2. Lost Yelp: In this situation, Joe and Jason had already located a distant gobbler. Before cresting a hill and giving away their position to the bird, Jason gave him some lost yelps and received an immediate response. Five minutes later he had the gobbler by the legs.

3. Keep the Connection: When a gobbler is in range but unkillable, cater your calling to his level of interest. If he starts moving away, call to him, but only call as much as necessary and eventually he will present a shot opportunity.

4. Cater Your Calling to the Conditions: In windy conditions, call loud and listen hard. Your hearing and the gobbler's hearing will be muffled by the wind. Box calls, tube calls, and aluminium pot calls will cut the wind and help you make contact with a bird in these conditions.

5. Silence: The most difficult call for many hunters to make is often the most effective. If a gobbler is approaching your calls or coming in to your decoys, let him come. Calling to a bird that is on his way to the gun is just giving him a reason to hang up. Resist the urge and stay quiet until you let the firing pin fall.

Whether you are a beginner or a bonafide turkey slayer, these five killer sounds will help you harvest more gobblers this spring.


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5 Killer Sounds to Bag a Spring Turkey [VIDEO]