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There's a Time and Place: When You Should Call Turkeys

Knowing when to call to a turkey and when to stay silent is one of the things that marks a veteran turkey hunter.

Chris Parrish of Knight and Hale game calls is certainly in the veteran category. His 14 National Turkey Calling Championships prove that he can call with the best of them, but he still feels that knowing when to call to a turkey and with what intensity is extremely important in the turkey woods.

Watch the video to see how this National Champion brings gobblers to the gun.

Here are some of Parrish's tips to remember the next time you set up on a gobbling tom:

  • Don't overcall to a turkey on the roost. You'll more than likely cause him to sit in the tree and gobble which can draw the attention of real hens or other hunters, both of which you want to avoid.
  • If a turkey is excited and coming in, let him come. It's much easier to add excitement if the bird hangs up than it is to dial back the intensity once you've gotten aggressive.
  • Whenever you call to a turkey, strive to make your calls realistic by varying the tone and intensity of your calling.
  • At midday, cutt and yelp to raise a gobble. Be sure to keep your calling sequences short and sweet and have a setup picked out if a gobbler answers from close range.
  • Call softly when a turkey is close to bring him those critical last few yards.

Use these tips to help you practice your calling before the season. That way, when you call to a turkey, you'll be confident and proficient enough to bring them in for the shot.


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There's a Time and Place: When You Should Call Turkeys