Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Elk With Tire Around Neck Spotted on Colorado Trail Cam

An elk with a tire around its neck may seem funny at first, but it could spell disaster for the bull.

An elk spotted near Conifer, Colorado was discovered via trail camera in early June with what appears to be an automobile tire around its neck.

The antlers on the elk look like they're well on their way to growing rather large, in which case it will be almost impossible to remove the tire without cutting it.

That will in turn require a lot of effort and presumed risk to both the bull elk and anyone called on to help with the removal.

The video has prompted the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department to remind outdoorsmen and women not to leave any sort of trash or debris in the wilderness (or near their home, for that matter).

The clip came courtesy of Dan Jaynes, who captured the footage on trail cam video.

In a series of tweets the CPW Northeast Region said,

One of many reasons why you should pick up after yourself. It's not always hammocks, decorative lights or netting that our antlered wildlife get caught up in, so it's important to pick up your trash/possessions.

If you find a big-game animal with something caught in its antlers, please do not try to intervene yourself. Report that to us by calling 303-291-7227. Photos or videos can be helpful for wildlife officers to review and know what to look for.

We've definitely seen other animals get tangled up in discarded material, and even natural vegetation can cause and issue. This scenario seems as though it would have been easy to avoid, simply by disposing of the tire properly.

Whoever left the tire outside needs to reconsider their actions, and make it a priority to take care of and correctly dispose of anything that could turn into a problem for wildlife.

In other words, don't litter.