35 Egyptian Cat Names Designed for Real Queens

Cats have long been revered as goddesses by humans. If you recently brought home a new cat, we have some Egyptian cat names for you — perfect for your feline Egyptian goddess.

When it came to being cat lovers, no one did it better than the ancient Egyptians. They not only loved, they worshipped cats. We mean honestly, if there's one thing you know about ancient Egypt, it's probably that the people in Egypt worshipped cats. Felines were considered sacred there; In fact, many Egyptian gods and Egyptian goddesses were depicted as cats, or as humans holding cats. (Take Mafdet the goddess for example, who has the head of a wild cat, and Sekhmet the warrior goddess who was portrayed as a graceful short-haired lioness.)

Fun fact: Egyptians are credited for being the first society to live with and love domestic cats.

So, whether you have an Egyptian mau (the Egyptian word for cat) or just want to be inspired by your feline's history, it only makes sense to choose an Egyptian cat name for your own cat goddess.

35 Egyptian Cat Names for Your Egyptian Goddess — Um, I Mean Your New Cat!

1. Akila
2. Abasi
3. Akil
4. Aisha
5. Aziza
6. Alexandria
7. Amun
8. Anubis/Anu (like this cutie here!)

9. Bastet/Bast
10. Cleopatra/Cleo
11. Cairo
12. Geb (the god of earth)
13. Giza
14. Hathor
15. Horus (the sky god)
16. Isis
17. Khalid (also great for fans of DJ Khaled!)
18. Kamilah (meaning perfection in Egyptian, this one just also seems quite appropriate for today's political scene!)
19. Lotus
20. Layla

Egyptian asbstract background, goddess of Egypt Bastet, abstract golden background.

21. Maat
22. Mafdet
23. Mau
24. Mihos
25. Mut
26. Nile
27. Nefertiti (another Egyptian queen!)
28. Osiris
29. Pakhet
30. Ra/Re (the Egyptian sun god)
31. Ramses
32. Sekhmet
33. Sphinx/Sphynx
34. Thoth
35. Tutankhamun/Tut

So, there you have it — Egyptian cat names perfect for any Egyptian queen. (or king!) Just please don't be basic — your cat goddess deserves better. (Yes, queen!)

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