This Is, Like, the Purrfect Door Mat for Any Cat Lover

Cat ladies (and gentlemen!), unite! Does your cat sit by the front door waiting for you to get home? Then perhaps you need this funny doormat for the inside foyer. It's also a great way to welcome guests! The doormat is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use so you can buy two. The material easily absorbs water and you can just shake this off if it gets dirty, perfect if you happen to have a lot of cats in your home.

This lovely and functional mat says, "Yes, I do need all these cats!" and even dog lovers will have a good laugh before ringing the doorbell. This mat is super durable and great for indoor and outdoor use while the non-woven fabric and bottom grip make cleaning the mat a simple task. This makes a great gift for cat lovers and it's a purrfect way to win over their feline friend too!

There's, like, a bunch of cats in here!

The cat doormat is so cute that guests won't believe how practical it is! There should be a sign that says, "Wipe your paws" upon entering as it will blend into the rest of our feline-themed home decor so well some may forget.

Benefits of the "Like a Bunch of Cats in Here" Doormat

Use it as a welcome doormat, floor mat for the sink, area rug, bath rug or outdoor doormat for dirty shoes and paws. If used inside, it's non-slip material makes it useful for slippery floors. I bet your funny cat decides to use it as a comfy place to sleep so you may need to order a second or third to act as the cats doormat. Paw prints will be unavoidable.

This entrance mat, outdoor mat or welcome mat is made from durable heat-resistant, non-woven fabric top, backed with a neoprene rubber non-slip backing for anti-slip properties. It's heavy duty enough for a home doormat but also appropriate as an indoor mat for the entrance to the living room. We poured through customer reviews and cat lovers are very happy with it! It's a great way to dress up your entryway or kitchen floor, plus it makes for great outdoor decor, too.

Add this mat to your wishlist and be sure to check out the There's a Bunch of Dogs in Here doormat, too.

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