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Duck Hunting is Here: Waterfowl Week

Welcome to waterfowl season.

Duck hunters take a lot of shapes and forms, but they've all got one thing in common: an affinity for one of the funnest, most fast-paced, target-rich wingshooting opportunities that North America can offer. When early teal season comes around, it's all systems go.

Waterfowlers rival the most dedicated whitetail or elk hunter in terms of scouting effort, dedication, and relentless pursuit. It's a different type of game, battling keen eyesight as opposed to a sharp sense of smell, but watching a flock start to drop into a set of decoys is among the most beautiful of all sporting scenes.

The season lasts a long time, but we thought we'd devote a week to creating and gathering some great content we know you'll need and be interested in this time of year.

For example, we've got the ultimate species guide, a total guide to Ducks Unlimited, and of course a few recommendations on where to go.


And don't think we'd short change you in the gear department: we've got suggestions for duck hunting shotguns, a rundown of the best kayaks and canoes for waterfowl hunts, and even a list of go-to duck calls.

If you're one of the dedicated duck hunters who's ready for the season, I think you'll like what you find on Wide Open Spaces this week.