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Can-Am Builds a Defender MAX into the Total Waterfowl UTV

Can-Am has wowed us again with the new Waterfowl-specific Defender MAX X MR.

It seems like every time we turn around, Can-Am releases an updated, upgraded version of their excellent UTVs. Now they've come up with a waterfowl-specific model that takes the cake as the ultimate duck hunting machine: the Can-Am Defender Max XMR.

Thanks to Can-Am, you can not only hunt ducks, but you can drive virtually anywhere to find them. With an 82 hp/69 lb-ft, Rotax 976 cc, V-twin, liquid cooled engine, Can-Am has nearly eliminated the need for hunting boots!

All jokes aside, this six-person UTV is the epitome of a waterfowl hunting vehicle with the included Smart-Lok differential, 15 inches of ground clearance, and 4,500 lb. front and rear winch. It has everything you need to take on the swamp or flooded timber and come out ahead.

As Can-Am explained upon the Defender's release, it was a collaborative effort that was "built in partnership with Can-Am, Gunner Kennels, Ducks Unlimited, Mossy Oak, Quack Rack, Stingray LED, Fuel Off-Road UTV Wheels, EFX Tires and Lifetime Decoys." That's essentially a who's-who of duck hunting and off-roading brands and organizations that have perpetually stayed atop their group.

Can-Am Defender Max XMR Overview

Can-Am waterfowl


Here are some more details on the Defender MAX. This bad boy has a 115.5-inch wheelbase, 15 inches of ground clearance, Dynamic Power Steering, 2,500-pound towing capacity, a multifunction cargo box, rear differential with Turf mode, ITP Cryptid 30-inch tires, and 14-inch cast aluminum wheels.

It comes armed with dual 220mm ventilated disc brakes all the way around, Dynamic Power steering (DPS), and Can-Am's vaunted Electronic Hill Descent Control. The whole thing is right around 2,000 pounds and comes equipped with a ROPS approved profiled cage.

The XMR also has a waterproof, removable storage box under the passenger seat, a water resistant and removable tool box, and VERSA-PRO bolster bench seats with a reinforced seat skin that features the X package trims and an adjustable driver's seat.

It also has multiple DC outlets in the console (10 A) and two lighted USB ports in the dash storage area. With the heavy-duty front steel bumper, HMWPE full skid plate, aluminum rock sliders, mudguards, and a two-inch hitch receiver, you may never encounter anything this UTV can't handle.

And of course, it comes adorned with the vaunted Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo.

Can-Am Defender Accessories and Build Features

Other features that can be added to the Defender series include:

  • 32" EFX MotoVater Tires and Fuel UTV wheel set
  • S3 Power Sports +2" forward A arms and HD Springs
  • Stingray LED Lights
  • Can-Am complete overhead audio system
  • Can-Am flip-glass windshield
  • Can-Am snorkel kit and extension
  • Can-Am front and rear bumpers
  • Can-Am half-doors
  • The Gunner G1 Intermediate Dog Kennel

The Can-Am Defender Max XMR starts at a price point of $21,999, but accessorizing this model will run the cost up.

The Ducks Unlimited Connection

According to our sources, Ducks Unlimited raffled off this unique waterfowl UTV build at the inaugural Ducks Unlimited Expo (DUX) which went down June 25, 26, and 27, 2021 at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, Texas. 

Owning a Duck Hunting Machine

Getting to your favorite hunting spot may never be as easy as it is with one of these tough machines. The Defender Max XMR isn't meant to drive you across the lake, but when you're on a waterfowl hunt and on your way to the duck blind, this bad boy will carry you, your waders, your decoys, firearms, ammo, and five or your hunting buddies along with everything else you need for a day in the blind.

Don't feel like this UTV is only made for the swamp or the hunting camp. Can-Am is well known for making machines that can stand up to the mud, water, and rough terrain of any modern day farm or hunting property that needs a well-built 4X4 workhorse that will stand the test of time.

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