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When You're Calling Ducks But Get a Donkey Instead

duck hunting
Facebook: Josh Hinshaw

Who knew a donkey would respond to a duck call?

While these folks were just minding their own business and trying to get some duck hunting done, one amorous critter on four hooves thinks his ship just came in.

Having all of your best duck hunting gear on usually means that it's time to sit still and wait for the waterfowl to start flying.

On this day, though, these gents use a good duck call and come home with a story they'll never forget.

Here's what happens when one lovestruck donkey comes into the decoys:

This was a first for me lol

Posted by Josh Hinshaw on Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Wherever this is, there sure seems to be a lot of truck traffic traveling in the background, but it finally took one of those fellows to get up and chase the donkey to send that silly critter packing.

Maybe the next time they'll try a donkey call and the ducks will start to fly.

There are feral burros in Texas, but this one simply seems to be a refugee from its owner's livestock pen.

In any case, having a large, four-footed donkey come in to your best mallard call might be telling you that it's time to practice some more.

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When You're Calling Ducks But Get a Donkey Instead