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5 Best Duck Hunting Kayaks and Canoes for the Upcoming Season

Duck Hunting Kayak
YouTube: Nucanoe

These are the best duck hunting kayaks and canoes on the market today.

When it comes duck hunting, not everyone can afford, nor may they necessarily want a large, dedicated duck boat. Jon boats and other larger watercraft can be expensive and may take up a lot of storage space in your garage or barn. Besides, you do not need a huge hunting boat to bag ducks.

In fact, something small with a low profile and draft can help you reach shallow water areas other waterfowlers cannot touch. This is where a quality kayak or canoe comes in extremely handy.

These small boats have the maneuverability to reach hunting spots that may not have seen a hunter in years. You also get more for your money since a hunting kayak can double as a fishing kayak, or for casual paddling in the offseason. Simply put, there are many reasons to consider one for waterfowling. And we have put together a handy guide of some of the best for duck hunters to consider for the upcoming seasons.

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Old Town Discovery Solo 119

Duck Hunting Kayak
Old Town

Think of this one as a hybrid since Old Town combined the best features of kayaks and canoes into one multi-purpose watercraft that is perfect for waterfowl hunting. The Discovery Solo 119 is 11 feet, nine inches, and has a 354-pound total weight capacity, yet only weighs 56 pounds, making it easy to transport on a vehicle roof. You will feel like you are kayaking thanks to the sit-in design and the way this one tracks through the water, yet it has the open layout of a canoe, giving plenty of room for decoys, a hunting blind, waders, and more. It has a cushy kayak-style seat, multiple fishing rod holders for anglers, adjustable foot braces, padded armrests, and even shotgun shell ammo holders. We love the versatility. This one craft will cover all your kayaking, hunting, and fishing adventures all year-round.

Ascend H12 Hybrid Sit-In Kayak

Duck Hunting Kayak
Ascend Kayaks

This kayak is heavy at 76 pounds. However, it is built specifically for stability while fishing, which means it is a good option for hunters too. This kayak is 12 feet long and can handle a payload of 450 pounds. This makes it a good option for larger duck hunters. It has all the features you would expect of a fishing kayak, flush mounted rod holders, adjustable foot braces, and accessory rails. This one can easily be modified to fit a small duck blind. There are also multiple large storage areas. The one In the bow is a hard compartment with a bungee hold down system while the stern is open with an adjustable mesh cover. Perfect for hauling decoys.

Nucanoe Frontier 12

Duck Hunting Kayak

This is another hybrid-style kayak that combines a lot of the best features of kayaks and canoes into one package that is perfect for any duck hunt. This one is 12 feet long and weighs 80 pounds. This one has more stability than most seasoned paddlers may be used to thanks to the 41-inch width. We dig the versatility of this one since you can add a second seat and effectively turn it into a tandem kayak for two people. The open deck design means there is plenty of space to haul a dozen decoys or more. This thing can handle up to 650 pounds of weight. Lots of room for extra hunting gear! You can also easily attach either an outboard or trolling motor to the transom. There is also an option for a pivot drive pedal system for hands free operation. The camo color option is perfect for waterfowl hunters. Just grab some gear and get hunting. The only real downside we see with this one is that dry storage is lacking, so you will want to invest in some dry bags. 

Lost Creek Angler 14

Duck Hunting Kayak
Sportsman's Warehouse

This is a good option for hunters who prefer sit-on-top kayaks. This one is 14 feet long, yet only weighs 65 pounds. It has a 470-pound total weight capacity, which should help you haul all that gear with ease. The Impulse Drive pedal system lets you sneak into your spot silently in the early morning hours. This is a fishing kayak, so you get the bonus of using this in the off-season. It has four flush-mounted rod holders for that. We added this one to the list because of the spacious deck that is going to give you plenty of space for decoys and blind gear. Plus it already comes in a camo pattern to match all your hunting gear.

Old Town Saranac 146 Canoe

Duck Hunting Kayak
Sportsman's Warehouse

For the hunter looking for something simple to get there and back with a buddy with all your gear. Old Town canoes have an excellent reputation for being extremely stable. This one is 14 feet, six inches long and weighs 79 pounds. It can handle a maximum load between 700 and 750 pounds. So, there is plenty of room for all your gear. As a bonus it has excellent padded seats and built-in cup holders. This would be a great option for a paddle trip during the summer months while you are dreaming of wingshooting too.

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5 Best Duck Hunting Kayaks and Canoes for the Upcoming Season