You Don't Want To Miss This Pork Chop Flip Flop Courtesy Of Double G Hog Control

Here's a Patented "Pork Chop Flip Flop" Courtesy of Double G Hog Control

Check out the video and you'll see for yourself just what the heck a pork chop flip flop is. Trust me, it's well worth your time.

Over the course of the past few years, Jody Greene and Jeff Goeggle of Double G Hog Control have put a serious dent in the central Louisiana feral hog population. When you spend that much time afield hunting hogs, you're bound to see some interesting things, like this memorable sequence they called the "pork chop flip flop."

Watch the video to see what I mean.

Remember: this is not supposed to be fair chase hunting. It is pest control plain and simple and they take great pains to recover all hog carcasses and fully utilize all of the meat from hogs that they shoot.

Pretty crazy right?

Did you hear the noise Jody was making after the initial ambush of the hog sounder? He was calling those shoats (immature hogs) back in so he could shoot them.

Those young hogs were bewildered after the sounder scattered during the confusion brought on my Jeff and Jody's assault. Since they were still not really sure what happened, those hogs readily responded and started moving towards what they thought were the sounds of other hogs when Jody called them in.

Just in case you were wondering, they shot 10 hogs during that encounter: 2 mature boars, a couple of mature sows, and several shoats.

Nice work and great shooting guys!

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