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Night Hog Hunting in Louisiana with Double G Hog Control

Double G Hog Control
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Double G Hog Control conducts night hog hunting in Louisiana on a regular basis to help keep the local feral hog population in check.

Founded by Jody Greene and Jeff Goeggle, Double G Hog Control has removed over 875 hogs from local farms during the past two years. Armed with modern, semi-automatic rifles and sophisticated night vision equipment, their specialty is night hog hunting.

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They got their start by helping out a neighboring farmer who was having problems with hogs destroying his crops. His land was adjacent to state-owned land that did not allow the hogs to be hunted with dogs, so the hogs were using the state land as a sanctuary from which they mounted nightly raids onto the farmer’s land.

After ambushing the hogs one evening night using night vision equipment, Jody and Jeff decided that they had a good thing going and things have only grown from there. Now they pursue feral hogs on over 200,000 acres in central Louisiana.

Their best night has been 18 hogs between the two of them (which they have done twice). However, they are always very careful to recover all of the hogs they shoot and ensure that none of the meat goes to waste. The meat that they do not eat themselves or give to friends is donated to charity.

Jeff and Jody are also quick to point out they while they do enjoy hunting hogs at night, it is not about killing. Their efforts are aimed at helping local farmers who are suffering significant damage to their crops from uncontrolled feral hog populations.

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Jeff, who is a farmer himself and has suffered damage to his crops from the hogs, said of their efforts:

These hogs are doing damage. They’re not out there just eating a little bit, they’re costing people some serious money. Some people say we are just killing, not hunting. Well no, we are not just killing. We wouldn’t want to have to kill them, but they are costing people money, myself being one of them.

While hunting feral hogs at night will not completely eradicate the hog population in a given area, it can really put a dent in their numbers. Hopefully, farmers are having fewer problems with raiding hogs. The night is no longer safe for destructive feral swine thanks to Double G Hog Control.

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Night Hog Hunting in Louisiana with Double G Hog Control