This is What 'The Burning' Means to a Dedicated Hunter

A new short film from Hooyman shows how the desire to hunt stokes the fire of our outdoor passions.

Know what it takes to see deer hunting success, season after season?

Hard work, for one thing. The folks behind Hooyman know that, which is why they've been producing premium tree saws and landscaping tools since they started. In fact, they've launched a new giveaway (with incredible prizes) to thank those hard workers for helping establish their place in the hunting property maintenance game.

The thing is, the work begins well before the season ever starts. We plant food plots, check trail cameras, prepare treestands, and more. Sometimes, we take things even further, going the lengths to execute prescribed burns to rejuvenate the plant life that's growing on our property.

That's the underlying theme of this brand new video just released by Hooyman, which highlights all that hard work and maintains the hope that it all pays off in the end.

If you recognized the subject of "The Burning," you likely aren't alone. It's Joe Sir from Hallowed Ground Outdoors, a show that started airing on Sportsman Channel in 2011.

One of the great things about the show, and Joe himself, is that he and his hunting situations are not much different from what the average American hunter sees. He's down to earth, knows what's worth working for, and prioritizes time spent preparing for hunting season into his family, faith, and day-to-day responsibilities.

For Joe, it's a burning desire. Is it a burning desire for you, too?

If it is, then the prizes in Hooyman's latest giveaway will certainly go to good use. One winner will receive a Hooyman Cordless 40 Volt Lithium Pole Saw, a Hooyman Hand Saw, a Mathews Bow, a QAD Rest, six Exodus Broadheads, six Black Eagle Deep Impact Arrows, and a CBE SL4 Bowsight.

To enter the giveaway, just fill out this form.

Put in the work required, and your burning desire will materialize into real, tangible results. And when you need the right tools for the job, turn to Hooyman.