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Ghost Removes Dogs Collar... Or Does It?

Can dogs sense paranormal activity?This freaky TikTok would say yes. 

With Halloween coming up, many people feel like the lines between the human realm and the eternal realm can get a little blurred. Creepy Halloween costumes tend to pay homage to things lurking that are generally unseen. Though many people do not believe that ghosts are real.

However, one trending video caused quite the stir about whether or not a ghost takes the collar off of a dog sitting in her crate. But it does seem like these two dogs sense a ghost in this TikTok video.

Dogs Senses Ghost, Caught via TikTok


sorry for the obnoxious barking at the beginning. watch my black dog. ghost takes her collar off in her crate. #fyp #ghost #dog #scary #wtf

? original sound - Tara green

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TikTok user Shannyfantg uploaded a video to her of her security camera footage showing her two dogs sitting in their kennels in her living room. Now that sounds a little boring at first glance, but there is a reason why the viral video has over 16 million views. At the beginning of the video, both dogs are barking incessantly in their separate crates, like they sense something is in the room with them and they don't quite like it.

Barking turns into a little whimpering followed by an eerie silence. Here is where this social media video gets a little interesting. While the dog on the left stays lying down throughout the entire video, the black dog is alert the entire time.

All of a sudden it seems like the pooch is shoved or pulled backward, and the dog's collar falls to the ground. Apparently, this is not the first time a ghost encounter has happened in this Phoenix woman's home. The woman shares many TikTok videos of the ghost interacting with them in their home all captured on security footage.

Now some TikTok users doubt the validity of this dog owner's tale. TikTok user, Keep Scrolling said "Collar was stuck on the crate, when the dog turned his head it unbuckled, the dog got startled at the collar unbuckling and jumped back. cmon people."

Others jumped on board with the stuck collar theory. Sara Anna Ward commented, "The collar unlatched and it scared her so she backed up cause the noise came from under neck, boom, explanation. As for the barking suddenly stopping, dogs do that when they hear a noise. Could've even barked at a car or something."

Though some users like J_Brooks_Jr said, "I've never seen such a convincing ghost video." While TikToker Buggaboodle said, "Something that messes with the dogs doesn't sit right with me."

Of course, you always have that one commenter who chimes in as Bin did, "Ghosts are not real. It is impossible to come back to earth once you die. Maybe it was a jinn (devil) if anything."

Well, that took a turn. Thanks for that Bin! Do you think it was a ghost or just the collar popping off on its own? I for one am not sure what to think, except that if that was me, I might not leave my dog home alone ever again.

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