Dogs Accidentally Set Fire Trying to Eat Leftover Pancakes

A Nest security camera caught these dogs reaching for some late breakfast... and starting a fire in the process.

A Southwick, Massachusetts family recently found out what their dogs do when they're home alone. After a home-installed fire alarm alerted the Southwick Fire Department to flames in the house, the family checked their Nest security camera.

In the right-hand corner of the screen, you can see the Golden Retrievers reaching for pancakes left sitting on top of the stove. In the process, they accidentally ignited the gas stove, which caused something atop the stove to catch fire.

The flames quickly grow on the stovetop, causing the kitchen and living room to fill with smoke. The dogs climbed on the couch, watched the flames, and then took a nap to wait it out. They do remain concerned about the flames, periodically interrupting their mid-morning snooze to check on the progress of the blaze.

Thankfully, the home fire alarm worked to get a fire rescue team there in time and prevent significant damage. Naturally, the friendly pups warmed right up to the first responders.

The dogs survived the event with full bellies, unharmed.

What have you caught your dogs doing on hidden camera? Tell us in the comments below.

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