Dog Sleds on Top of Human Because Snow Is Cold

Anne the dog doesn't love getting her paws in the snow, so this dog sleds on top of her owner instead. 

Many dogs absolutely love winter - after all, it brings all sorts of fun entertainment. You can catch snowballs, run through snow and plow it out of your way, roll around and make dog snow angels, and even go sledding. But while Anne the Beagle loves sledding, she doesn't love snow. So, this dog sleds on top of her owner, instead.

If you think about it, Anne has gotten this whole thing figured out. This dog sleds in style - her feet never touch the snow, she never gets wet or cold, and she doesn't have to expend any extra energy. From the looks of it, she has her owner well-trained, and has transportation anywhere she wants to go. No ice or cold paws to worry about? Anne's got it made.

Does your dog love the snow? There are plenty of fun activities that your dog can enjoy in the winter, but you'll want to make sure that his paws are protected, especially if there may be ice pieces mixed into the snow. Investing in paw boots may be a good idea if your dog has sensitive paws or if you'll be traveling over lots of areas where there's ice.

Paw balm can also help to keep your dog's paws in good shape. There are a variety of paw balms that you can choose from, but generally speaking, a balm will help to soothe your dog's irritated paws. Just rub some onto your dog's paws once you've dried his paws after a walk or outing.


And if that doesn't work? Well, you can always let your dog go sledding on your back if he really doesn't want to walk in the snow.

How does your dog feel about the snow? Let us know in the comments. 

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