X-Treme Organics Paw Balm Protects Dog Paws from the Elements

Adventure dogs need protection, too. 

Just because your dog may be the toughest on the block doesn't mean they couldn't benefit from a little soothing, especially when their paws are getting beat up from the elements. That's why paw balm is such a necessity when it comes to caring for your dog's feet.

X-Treme Organics is a skincare company from Whistler, B.C dedicated to protecting athletes' skin from harsh elements. And who most often accompanies athletes on their hiking, biking, skiing, or climbing adventures? Their furry sidekicks! So, X-Treme Organics has released a pet paw balm made of organic ingredients (butters and mineral oils infused with chamomile and lavender) to rub onto your dog's paw pads. The balm is also food-grade since your dog will probably be licking his sore feet.

The X-Treme Organics Paw Balm costs $32 and will last you about three months.

x-treme organics paw balm

Winter can be tough on your dog's paw pads. The combination of cold snow and ice, and the salt that is on the sidewalks and roads can cut up your dog's feet. Additionally, the frigid temperatures can chap up your dog's noses and ears. The paw balm can help protect your dog before they go out into the elements and afterward, to help soothe any cuts or ruptured skin.

You can also put the paw balm on your own hands to sooth any rubbing that can be caused by a frozen leash!

labrador dog sitting on the summit in mountains

The paw balm can also help in the summertime if your dog's paws get cut up by sharp rocks, hot sand, or asphalt. Paw health and care is year-round!

Here is a testament from a happy user of the pet balm:

"I love going along on snowshoe adventures in winter! Although I'm lucky I don't have to strap tennis rackets to my feet, I do get snow stuck between my paw pads and it hurts," explains Yuki, a Siberian Husky based in Whistler, BC. "Since I've been using Paw Balm I've had less paw issues and can spend my time chewing on my owners snowshoe while she tries to walk - it's the best. I just wish she would keep her paws off MY paw balm."

The company has some suggestions as how to use their product:

  1. Leave a tin of Paw Balm by the door and each time you head out gently place each paw into the tin, and rub a thin layer of balm onto pads to protect from the elements.
  2. Warm up some Paw Balm in your hand and gently apply to your dog's ears and nose to create a natural moisturizing barrier against the cold.
  3. Exposure to cold temperatures drys out paw pads. Our moisturizers aren't ideal for use on our four legged friends as they may contain chemicals that should not be ingested by dogs, and let's face it - they will. Paw Balm is formulated to soothe, but not soften, and is food-grade safe.
  4. When you come in from a frosty walk give your dogs paws a rinse with warm water and for a special treat massage some paw balm into their pads and between their toes - they'll love you for it.
  5. If your dog gets a bite or scrape on the trail the naturally healing and soothing ingredients in the Paw Balm will help seal and protect. As soon as you get home wash and disinfect it before adding another layer of soothing balm.

X-Treme Organics also has organic skincare for all kinds of athletes from climbers to mariners to bikers. They also have a few lip balm options to protect and soothe your own chapped lips from winter conditions.

Check out their Biker Balm, Climber Balm, Adventure Balm and more in their skincare line on their website, all using natural ingredients. Your skin matters and so do your pup's paws!

The company is also running a contest until the end of January to win a pet balm, winter balm, and lip balm if you sign up for the newsletter! Do so here.

Do you put paw balm on your pet's paws? Tell us in the comments below!

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