Family Dog Prevents Abduction Attempt of Infant

We are all taught about the concept of 'stranger danger' and even our dogs know when someone isn't welcome in our homes. Well, the dog in this story should receive some special treats as he potentially scared someone trying to abduct his human sibling. This is beyond scary and could have ended much differently.

As a parent, you're already vigilant and alert but now a town in Ohio needs to take that up a notch.

An infant is home and safe.  A month prior they were approached by a woman they now know was posing as a woman that worked for the Wayne County Children and Family Services. That's where this nightmare began.

Fast this! The parents thought for 20minutes their infant was missing. As panic set in, he was found in his car seat in a separate area of the house. The parents think the dog greeted the stranger as she was leaving with the infant. Luckily, the person put the baby down and left.

Cleveland 19 reports after interviewing Jordyn Pamer,

"It appears it was a stroke of very good luck that the family dog, Lola, was out back, on a leash that allows her to go right up to the basement door. I think whoever had my son opened the door to leave with him, I think my dog greeted them and they got scared and I think they left the baby and took off."

This is so scary.

The family is now convinced that there is a connection between that unknown woman who said she was with Wayne County Children and Family Services and the attempted abduction.

This is every parent's worst nightmare. We're so grateful this baby abduction was stopped by their dog! We wanted to report on this breaking news story for anyone that thinks their dogs aren't always watching for strangers.

This 7-month-old baby boy is safe as a result of a family dog that likely scared the stranger off. The police officer is investigating and police are looking into this case further. Thank goodness this is not a case that went to the national center for missing and exploited children.

How would you reward your dog for scaring away a potential stranger? Please leave us a comment below!

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