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Harry's Dog Nursery Is Bigger Than Some Apartments!

TikTok has brought us dog houses under the stairs, doggie lounges, and now a dog nursery.

It's no secret that this generation of dog owners loves to spoil their pets. These cute animals show up on social media in adorable dog outfits and spend time hanging at doggy daycare. Recently, there has been a trend showing off dogs' hang-out spots in their dog parents' homes. Of course, dogs have their own lounges and homes under the stairs, but nothing comes close to this dog nursery TikTok video.

Harrison's Dog Nursery TikTok


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Harrison, or baby Harry as he is affectionately called, has the cutest from, and it is the most amazing dog nursery TikTok video I have ever seen. My dog is seriously jealous of this pooch and his amazing digs.

Harry's room is set up with a crib in toddler mode as his bed, with a killer puppy couch for lounging. His dresser is full of booties, hats, and other accessories.

Of course, the pampered pup has baskets of toys and a wall full of scarves. Harry's name is stretched out across the wall, in case you weren't sure just who the room was for. The walls have pics of Harry's doggie heroes and Harry himself. Oh, and there are the jars of treats and the dog food bowls. You can't forget about the treats!!!

The viral video shows how this pup is the center of his dog mom's world. The adorable yellow Vizla really does have it all in his very own room. His room may be the best form of dog daycare I have ever seen. There's so much to see when you watch his room tour. You may miss something the first time. Watch it again to see what cool features you might have missed!

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