Pit Bull Overjoyed to Hear the Ice Cream Truck

If you ever ran after the ice cream truck as a kid, then you know exactly how excited this dog is when he hears its song. 

The ice cream truck's song is like magic to kids. They can hear it from miles away and are instantly filled with energy, begging their parents for money and racing out to meet the truck on the street. The ice cream truck is a notable part of so many kids' summers.

Clearly, this dog loves the ice cream truck just as much as kids do! He hears the song and comes running; he knows just what to do.

I love his patience and his obedience as he sits—he's so well-mannered. And he definitely knows that his reward is coming. I'd guess that he and his owner have done this many times.

While giving your dog ice cream might seem like a great way to help him cool down on a summer day, ice cream can actually upset your dog's digestive system. Ice cream can lead to your dog having diarrhea or even throwing up, so it's best to avoid feeding your dog ice cream. The sugar content can also give him added energy. If you do choose to chance it, then feed your dog vanilla ice cream only, and just give him a little bit at a time.

Even though your dog can't have ice cream, that doesn't mean that he has to miss out on cool treats altogether. You can make your dog summertime treats easily. Take low-fat vanilla yogurt and combine fruits that your dog enjoys, such as strawberries or blueberries. Blend it up into a mixture (you can throw in a bit of peanut butter for good measure) and freeze it in an ice cube tray.

Give your dog just a cube at a time - he can have his own pupsicle and stay cool while you enjoy your ice cream.

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This article was originally published June 1, 2016

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