Bearded Dragon Loves His Blueberries, And He Couldn't Be Cuter

Nom, nom, nom, nom. Check out Frankie the bearded dragon enjoying his favorite snack!

Hasn't this little beardie ever been told to eat with his mouth shut?

Apparently not, because this bearded dragon can't get enough blueberries and is showing the world what's in his mouth.

This is Frankie, and his favorite food is clearly blueberries.

The berries are placed on the floor and Frankie scampers to scoop them up, almost in fear something, somewhere will get to them first. Survival of the fittest, he always says. He braves the slipping and sliding and wolfs up his treat before his nemesis, wherever he may be hiding, gets there first.

Beardies love the occasional fruit treat, but their diet must also consist of lots of veggies and insects. Plus when you own a bearded dragon, you always have the entertainment of watching them try to run on hardwood floors...

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This article was originally published November 23, 2017.

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