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If Your Dog Had an Instagram This Is What They'd Post

It would be the happiest Instagram handle ever. 

If your dog had an Instagram it would be filled with cute selfies and proof that he is the goodest of all the good boys. It would be pics of him bragging about the adventures he goes on with his main squeeze (you) and about the last thing he ate. He'll tell his followers his favorite treats and about the new tricks he's learned.

The illustrators at Canine Cottages imagined what their dog's Instagram posts would look like, and they're amazing! Canine Cottages is a travel site that lists houses around the U.K. that are dog-friendly so their Instagram pup is a world traveler.

Check out the places GoodBoy12 has gone!

He had a wonderful time at Dartmoor National Park

dog Instagram

This is what he brings on his travels... his favorite leash, treats, dog bowl, blanket, a guide book, and his journal where he mainly collects dog prints. 

Instagram Dog

Here's a close-up of his favorite treats...

Instagram Dog

He had a great time at St. Micael's Mount, an island in Cornwall.

Instagram Dog

GoodBoy12 loves the beach, like most pups. 

Instagram Dog


Here he is enjoying Roman art. 

Instagram Dog

GoodBoy12 saw some friends in Milan.

Instagram dog

And loved riding in the gondolas in Venice. He even helped with the singing. 

Instagram dog

He's always ready for adventure!

Instagram dog

Is this what your dog's Instagram would look like? GoodBoy12 looks like he lives the life every dog wishes for. Everyone knows social media is just a place to create an ideal life, but dogs would be the most truthful. They have fun doing anything and everyone wants to know what they're up to!

If you want to make a social profile of your own dog, Toast the Insta-famous pup has some tips you can read here.

Does your dog have his own Instagram? Share it with us in the comments below!

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