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Little Boy's Dog Hugs Back, Proving He's "Man's Best Friend"

This good boy gives his little human hugs back every time he gets them, showing just how much he loves him. 

In an adorable TikTok video, a Golden Retriever dog hugs back every time the boy hugs him, without fail. The video posted by Olivia, @charliedelta1991, of the dog and little boy cuddling has garnered over 4 million likes, 52,000 comments, and over 16 million views. No one can resist the power of a pooch and his miniature human.

Dog Hugs Little Boy


He always hugs back #dogs #goldens

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Charlie and Louie have a special friendship that their mom has been fostering for a long time. So when the little hugger comes over to give his pup some love, Louie wraps his front paws around Charlie to give him some love too!

People all over cannot get over the sheer cuteness of the dog's reaction to the little boy's hugs!

TikTok user Bri says, "Dogs-Pure & Kids=Pure." Truly, there is something beautiful in the moment where the dog wraps his front legs around Charlie. Colleen Alvarado said, " I can't take it that's incredible, love."  Courtney marvels at how gentle the dog is with his family member saying, "How is he so perfectly gentle!!!? My dogs knock my kids over just walking by them."

The young boy and the dog are a match made in human and dog heaven. I'm pretty sure this good boy has plenty of people who pay attention to him, but this little guy takes the cake.

If doggy hugs from just one pup weren't enough to brighten your day, check out these other good pups getting in some petting and quality physical contact with their human and K9 best friends.

1. Maya Gets Dog Hugs For Too Long

Maya's owner goes to give her some snuggles, but after a while, Maya starts to squirm. Her human gives some attention to the dog's ears, prolonging the extended cuddle session just a little bit further. However, you can see in the dog's eyes that she wants out! She finally wiggles away. There is such a thing as too much love!

2. I Missed You, Hugs!

This dog's reaction to his owner picking him up proves that they miss us when we are gone! As soon as this pup makes eye contact with his owner, he begins to whine and wag his tail. Once this grateful pup is out of his crate, he wraps his front legs around his owner in the sweetest hug ever.

3.Puppy Hugs Back

Doggy hugs are not just reserved for human friends. While puppy dog bites are common, especially for their momma, this cute little pup gives his mom hugs. So stinkin' cute!

4. Rescue Pup Hugs

Rescue pups needs hugs just as much, if not more, than other pups. This little guy is showing all the obvious signs of stress. But, for him, a hug changes everything. Such a sweet ending to this oh my god worthy video!

5. Sibling Hug Rivalry

When one Husky pup gets hugs from their dog mom, the other gets a little jealous, hanging her head in sadness. But mom switches pups, and the first husky doesn't seem too bothered by it. Though, the bloopers may be the best part of this dog hugging video.

Do dogs always hug back? 

As evident by Maya's video, dogs do not always hug back when their owners or children hug them. Some like their personal space and prefer not to be hugged, while others are incredibly affectionate.

While these doggy hugging videos are adorable and just what we need as the pandemic wraps up, you do need to be careful when hugging your pup. Small children especially need to be cautious when hugging their pups since they often do not know their own strength and can squeeze too hard. A reminder to be gentle and some adult supervision, and your little one should be ready to see if their dog will hug them back. Just take your pup's temperament into account first!

For now, we will just keep watching these pawwwsome videos over and over!

Do you have a pooch that loves to hug? Drop a photo of your cuddly canine on our Wide Open Pets Facebook page!

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