A Dog Crate Table Is the Coziest Coffee Table for You and Your Pups

We've all been spending a lot more time at home lately. That means new projects and redesigning old rooms. Personally, I've been getting into functional furniture pieces that combine style, storage, and extra uses all in one. These dog crate tables are just what I'm talking about.

If your dog uses an indoor crate, then you probably spend a lot of time moving kennels around to create space in your home. But, with one of these dog crate tables, you can give your pooch a permanent place for their dog beds without taking up any extra square footage.

Dog Crate Table

1. Petsfit Indoor Wooden Dog House with Wire Door for Small Dog

How cute is this wood-planked living room for dogs? Sturdy yet not too spacious. This is one of the best dog crates for smaller breeds at 30 pounds or less.

It's made from solid wood with a wire front door that is lockable in case your furry friend is crate training. This is one attractive piece of furniture that creates a lot more tabletop space in your home. Petsfit even offers an option with a removable crate cover.

2. Casual Home Wooden Medium Pet Crate End Table

This is a super simple piece of home decor with a stylish look. There aren't any metal accents, frames, or wiring. Instead, the slats are made of wood to give it a real coffee table feel and increase open airflow.

Some reviewers have mentioned that wood dog crates are often more pet-safe for animals with sensitive skin who like to rub against the edges of wire crates. If you've got a dog suffering from such a condition, consider this as a high-quality change!

3. BIRDROCK HOME Decorative Dog Kennel with Pet Bed for Small Dogs - Espresso - Double Door - Wooden Dog Crate - Indoor Pet Dog House Side Table - Bed Nightstand

The cool thing about Birdrock's wood construction is that the doors open in multiple directions. In addition to that, pet owners will love how easy it is to clean, thanks to a removable bottom tray. As far as pet supplies-turned-furniture goes, this is a pretty attractive piece to add to your home as an end table or nightstand.

4. Newport Dog Crate End Table Kennel Cage Bed Night Stand Wood Furniture Cave House Room Large Size/Dark Brown

No metal crates here. The Newport End Table has a taller design, making it one of the better options for medium dogs and large dogs. No luck on anything for extra-large breeds yet.

One reviewer writes, "Spacious for my English bulldog. She scratched up the inside a little at the entrance but it's held up against her trying to get out! Great buy! Beautiful in the home as well!"

5. SIMPLY + Wooden Wire Dog Cage, Dog Crate Furniture Table, Pet Crate Dog Kennel, Dog House with Dog Pad Side Table for Small Pets, Chew-Proof

If Joanna Gaines were designing dog crate tables, I would expect them to look like this. Only, maybe in grey wash paint color. Anyways, the crate cover on this one is removable if you want to give your pooch a convertible. It has all the bells and whistles, including a removable crate cover for easy cleaning and double latches for extra security.

These dog crate tables are a great way to add functional furniture to your home without having to give up one of your pet's favorite places. They deserve some room of their own, and you deserve a kennel that looks good. So, shed the wire bars for one of these.

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