This Dog-Shaped Decanter May Actually Be "Man's Best Friend"

If you're thinking about buying your favorite dog lover a gift this year, don't limit yourself to leashes and grooming tools. Dog owners love those gifts, but you know what else most people like? Whiskey Gifts! Get your best friend this adorable dog whiskey decanter.

There's a good chance they love dog-themed house decor, so help them spruce up their kitchen with this dog decanter. The figurine will be a cute addition to their bar glasses set.

Dog-Shaped Whiskey Decanter

You can find the dog whiskey decanter on Walmart for only $32.00. This carafe is the perfect gift idea for dog owners who just moved into a new home. Bring this glass crystal decanter to your friend as a housewarming gift. They will love it! Plus, you can help them break in their new home bar.

You might have noticed, but this collectible looks exactly like a Boxer dog. Maybe you can find one in the shape of a Labrador or Poodle dog too! That'd be funny (but cute).

This dog liquor decanter is equipped with a glass stopper to keep the dispenser from leaking. And yes, that's it on the tail! The details on this fine glass whiskey decanter are amazing. Customers love it!

This is a unique gift, and I highly doubt your favorite dog lover has received anything awesome like this as a gift. I'd say that receiving this sure does beat getting a wine bottle! Dog lovers will leave this on the kitchen counter to show off to guests.

I think we could all use a nightcap every now and then. Grab some Jim Beam and get to sippin'. Next up: finding some paw-print whiskey stones, a kitten wine decanter, or some guinea pig-shaped shot glasses.

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This article was originally published on December 29, 2020.

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