8 Dog Coffee Mugs to Make a Fur Parent Feel Fuzzy

Love being a fur parent? Show off your pet parent status with one of these adorable coffee mugs! 

Dogs are beloved pets for so many reasons. From hunting birds to tracking down rare truffle mushrooms, a human's best friend has a lot of talents. One thing dogs are really good at (besides singing)? Keeping their owners busy! You can try to run your dogs out of energy, but often it's the opposite. That's why a good dog coffee mug can make all the difference.

Good fur parents want to talk about their pups all day. When pups look like these smushy breeds, who can blame them? The only problem here is that it's hard to talk about your pups when taking a sip from your cup. The solution is a dog mug that says it all for you.

Best Dog Coffee Mugs

1.Enesco Dog Father Stoneware Mug

Dads are always the ones to pretend they don't want a dog, only to end up saying that the family dog is all theirs' like two weeks later. Playing it cool might be a guy thing, but the Papa who has accepted the four-footed family member as their best friend deserves a hot drink from this stoneware mug.

2. InGwest. Funny Coffee Mug with Friendly Dog and Tongue on bottom. Heat Sensitive Mug, Color Changing Mug.

Pet lovers know that they have to work hard to keep pace with their pups. One moment they're bursting with energy. The next, they're snoring on the couch. Nothing is worse than finally getting a moment of rest, only to swallow a swig of cold coffee. So, how about a cup that changes along with the drink's temperature and lets you flash your own dog face as you sip?

3. Personalized Dog Mug Customizable Pet Name and Picture Custom Coffee Mug Perfect Gift Idea For Dog Lovers Pet Memorial Coffee Cup on Father day (1 Women and 2 Dogs, SeaView, 15 OZ)

This dog coffee cup is the perfect pet gift for anybody who wants to picture themselves in a calm moment with their fur babies. Unfortunately, the customizable decal means it is not dishwasher safe. As a trade-off, the animal lover in your life can have a Labrador, Beagle, or French Bulldog (among other dog breeds) painted right on the cute dog mug.

4. YouNique Designs Dog Dad Mug

Life is better with a dog and a sense of humor. The best dog dad knows the value of a good joke. This microwave-safe drinkware has a cute design and serves coffee with a chuckle. It may seem like just a funny dog coffee mug, but this is a dad gift that says what he already knows.

5. Dog Lover Coffee Lover 20 oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Tumbler Slider Lid and Straw | for Dog Mom, Dog Dad, and Every Dog Lover... (Black)

The ruff-and-tumble, always-on-the-go energy of a dog park requires a travel mug with spunk and a tight lid. The insulated tumbler comes with a straw for easy sipping while you chase down your retriever.

6. Burton and Burton Mornings are Ruff Ceramic Dog Coffee Mug, 13 Ounce

Here's another punny pet mug that is a great choice as a Mother's Day or Father's Day present, birthday gift, or general addition to your mug set. We can't tell the breeds apart, but at least none of them are shedding.

7. Dog Hair, 16 oz. Stoneware Mug


All pet parents know that hair everywhere is inevitable. In case you need the reminder, this adorable mug will tell you every day.

8. I Work Hard So My Dog Can Have A Better Life, Dog Owner Mug

Most dog parents spoil their pups. Between dog coats, treats, tasty food, and toys it can often feel like you work just for them. But its worth it!

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