Disgusting, Bizarre, Eerie, and Odd: Video of Clam Has Got People Talking

Nature does it again: a mesmerizing video of a clam doing its thing is a sight to see.

A simple video of a clam burying itself in the sand has created some buzz. It captivates you and mesmerizes you all while leaving you confused what you are actually feeling.

Bizarre, disgusting, eerie, and odd are all a few of things people are saying about this clam. But nonetheless, it is pretty neat. In just a few quick seconds, the clam has buried itself in the sand. But not before some strange noises and weird movements.

Oh, and then, shooting sand and water out of its back end. You have got to see this clam go to work.

It makes you wonder who the first person was to look at such a creature and think hmm, "I wonder what that taste like".

Strange video is an understatement.

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