Bizarre News of the Week: Dead Sperm Whale Found in Louisiana Lake

A dead 23-foot sperm whale was found in Louisiana's Sister Lake.

Here's your bizarre news item of the week. A 23 ½-foot long sperm whale was found and photographed in Terrebonne Parish's Sister Lake.

The huge, bloated and rotting carcass was first spotted by area fishing guides at the end of December. Then, fishing guide Travis Lovell heard the rumor from another guide, according to

"I had one client with me that day - a guy from Minnesota - and we were pretty much done," Lovell told the new site. "Another guide that I network with passed by, and said, 'Man, the craziest thing happened earlier: I could swear I saw a whale this morning.' I said, 'No way. On a scale from 1-10, how sure are you it was a whale?' He said, '9.5.'"

The other guide's sighting was enough to spark the client's curiosity, not to mention Travis'. A little later, sure enough, they verified it was indeed a whale.

And even stranger, it was tied up to a nearby bulkhead. Lovell got some photos of the carcass which quickly spread like wildfire on social media channels. Even stranger, the carcass was tied up to a bulkhead.

Lovell solved the mystery of why that would be done when he called the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. He was told the carcass was tied up to keep other boaters from running into it.

It also turns out the whale had been seen after breaching along a barrier island a few weeks prior to being found dead. While the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries was able to get it back out to sea, it turned up dead later anyway on December 3 at Turtle Bayou.

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time a sea creature has unexpectedly turned up in a freshwater Louisiana lake. Numerous bull sharks have been caught from Lake Pontchartrain in recent years too. It seems one just never knows what they'll find while fishing in Louisiana!