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9 of the Biggest Sharks Ever Caught

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The ultimate fishing catch for an angler would be a world-record shark.

Fishermen hit the waters every year looking for another fish story and that world-record catch. The high stakes, though, are out on the deep blue, where anglers have the chance to hook up with some monster sharks.

No other animal has ever drawn more attention than the shark. Hollywood movies like Jaws are continuously created, and they have their own week dedicated to them for crying out loud.

Watch the video below:

The largest shark comes in at a mind-boggling weight of 2,664 pounds. Let that sink in for a moment. We're not sure which would be the best fight on a rod and real, but these makos, great whites, and tiger sharks are true giants!

One of the beasts on the list dragged a fisherman's crew for 12 miles out to sea until they could reel them into the boat. These anglers put in hard work and dedication landing these beautiful creatures and now have trophies and stories that many will only dream of.

No wonder some people are terrified of swimming in the ocean. Hit the water and you might just find a spot on this list, too.



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9 of the Biggest Sharks Ever Caught