Diggs Revol Dog Crate vs. Fable Crate: Which Pick Is Best for Pooches?

A dog crate is not a place of punishment. It's a cozy place of refuge.

With that misconception out of the way, let's talk crates. A dog crate is intended to replicate the den of the canine's wild past. Your pal has the desire for den dwelling in his DNA, and so feels comfortable in a crate. It's your furry pal's pad, a place to sleep and to chill out. Yes, sometimes you may need to use it to inhibit your pup's movement, but it's not a prison cell.

And especially during the holiday season, a crate is a boon to both you and your dog. With (sometimes boisterous) people coming and going, the doorbell ringing and packages arriving, your dog may relish being in his crate even more than usual. And you'll know he's safely out from underfoot.

Into the sea of available dog crates have recently come two super stylish, super popular options. If you've been thinking of splurging on your dog's crate and can't decide between the Diggs Revol and the Fable Crate, you've come to the right place.

Diggs Revol Dog Crate

Dog Crate Similarities

Both provide a secure, comfortable hangout for hounds. Beyond that, one similarity jumps out: Both break away from traditional dog crate design. Too many crates look like they were shipped in from Sing Sing. Diggs and Fable both shun the stark, cold common crate look, and do it well. This may be an extra big perk at the holidays. Your guests will behold a dog dwelling that is pleasing to the eye, not one reminiscent of Escape from Alcatraz.

Another similarity is that each company offers a memory foam stuffed pad, at an additional cost, for the bottom of the crate. Fable's pad has the minimalist name of Bed, while the Diggs product bears the cute moniker of Snooz.

Dog Crate Differences

While both vibe sleek and modern, the two are made out of different materials. The Diggs Revol is made of non-toxic plastic, with the walls and gate made of diamond mesh wire. The Fable Crate is crafted of bent wood, with walls ventilated by square holes. The gate for the Fable Crate is available in either metal or acrylic.

The design of the gate is quite different in the two products. The Diggs Revol provides a traditional gate that swings open to the side, while the Fable Crate gate opens like a garage door, upward and then moving back, hidden, into a space at the top. (No room for Max's Impala, alas, but ample space for Max!)

The Diggs Revol is easily collapsible for travel. The Fable Crate is not so portable—but that's because it's intended to serve as a piece of furniture. Not only is it a hound haven, it's also a side table! Originally designed with tiny apartment dwellers in mind, it turns out those with larger abodes also appreciate a double-duty product that fits in with modern home décor.

The Diggs folks, meanwhile, did extensive research into the baby gear industry as they were designing their product. (If your canine is a literal baby, they provide a puppy divider for crate training).

As for pricing, neither of these is an impulse buy for most people. But for those in love with the modern aesthetic and unique design features they bring, either can be money well spent. Both of these products have appeared on numerous best-crate lists and have received rave reviews by pet parents. That said, your final choice may come down to one of a few factors.

If mobility is a major factor, you need a large dog crate or you are shopping for a new puppy, the collapsible Diggs Revol with a puppy divider and available in large is the obvious choice.

If, on the hand, your pupper is a small to medium size adult, the Fable Crate is a strong contender. Its space-saving attributes and extra elegant wood construction tips the scales for many folks, despite the slightly higher price.

Either product will provide Fido with a fine abode in which to flourish!

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