9 Sleepy Animals Who Just Couldn't Stay Awake Any Longer

Sleeping is an essential part of our lives. From naps to full blown REM, who would we be if it weren't for recharging slumber? However, as mammals who share this beautiful planet with many others, we aren't the only ones that live quite intentionally about our sleep. In fact, many animals can easily out-sleep us—some go down between 13 and 22 hours at a time!

Naturally, catching them in the act is where we come in. Here are some of the sleepiest (and cutest!) critters out there.

1. Sleepy Kitten

If you look up the word "peace" in the dictionary, I can guarantee this is the image you would find accompanying it. If you're a cat owner, then I'm certain you're aware of just how much our favorite felines enjoy snoozing. Cats sleep for up to 13 hours per day! The sleep helps them reserve energy for the very important stalking, running, climbing, scowling, and pouncing they love to do.

2. Sleepy Red Panda

Here's something a little bit controversial: No offense to all the adorable pandas that roam our earth, but red pandas are objectively as cute as they come. Even the way they nap is too cute! Look at those dangly paws, exhausted after a day of snacking and exploration. I can't handle it!

3. Sleepy Dog

Sometimes, one requires a bit of a higher standard when it comes to the quality of their slumber, and there is no shame in anyone's game. And let's be honest — sleeping in dog beds is only meant for those mid-day naps. When it comes to the real thing, move over because they're climbing into a real bed!

I don't doubt even for a second that this little guy's room is equipped with aromatherapy and a white noise machine...

4. Sleepy Bat

While it seems a relatively uncomfortable way to sleep, those bats are in paradise! Scientists once believed that bats sleep for nearly 20 hours a day; however, it is actually more likely that the bats go into torpor, which is similar to hibernation. (And in all honesty, a daily hibernation sounds pretty ideal to me.) Bats have special tendons in their feet that makes sleeping upside down relaxing. On top of that, they can nestle into tight places to stay safe from predators.

5. Sleepy Sloth

Even when sloths are awake, they're pretty much asleep. Known for how slowly they operate, a sloth's slowness is attributed to their drowsy reflexes and poor circulatory systems. Sloths are active for only 5 hours per day, which is scarily relatable and a challenge to those that think being great means being productive! If a productive day for a sloth means making it to a whole new branch, I have nothing but applause for them.

6. Sleepy Koala

Look at that sweet smile! When it comes to sleeping, koalas are experts — They can sleep from 20 to 22 hours a day! That's certainly a large chunk of the day, and it means they spend about 90 percent of their day sleeping, while the other 10 percent is spent being overwhelmingly cute and breathtakingly adorable. What a tough life it must be, eh?

7. Sleepy Bear

With a belly full of honey, it's no wonder this bear is sleepy! (Or maybe that's just Winnie the Pooh?) Whatever the case may be, there's something oddly human-like about the way this bear is sleeping. It's comforting to think he's just begun to snooze off after binge watching his favorite sitcom and eating a mighty baked potato.

8. Sleepy Seal

What's better than taking a mid-afternoon nap? Taking a mid-afternoon nap with all of your best friends, of course! These seals are sleeping so peacefully, I'm almost convinced that wet sand is an easy substitute for a pillow. With those smiles on their faces I wouldn't dare interrupt this slumber!

9. Sleepy Lion

Being the king of the jungle is an exhausting task! You have to direct your pride and sing many, many songs. Or is that just Lion King? Whatever the case may be, it's only right that this lion take some me-time to refuel. Lions sleep for about 16 hours a day, which is the perfect amount of vocal rest for their terrifying roars.

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