30 Bear Puns for Koala-ty Laughs During This Panda-emic!

These unbearably funny bear puns will have you throwing up your hands in panda-monium.

We love a funny animal pun, especially a bear pun. While there are only eight species of bears in the world, including some well-known ones like the polar bear, the black bear, the brown bear (like grizzly bears), and the panda bear (giant pandas!), there are many sub-species of bears.

Since we were kids, the bear has always brought a smile to our face: From your favorite teddy bear growing up to, even, eating a handful of gummy bears, we love bears bear-y much. (Yes, we are also looking at you, Winnie the Pooh!) Here are 30 bear puns that we hope will put a smile on your face.

Koala Bear Puns

1. Why did the bear quit his second job? Because he needed some koalaty time with his family.

2. Why was the bear a good fit for the job? He had all the right koalafications!

3. What is a bear's favorite soda? Coca-Koala.

4. Why didn't the bear get the job? Because he wasn't koalafied.

Panda Puns

5. Why was the little bear so spoiled? Because his mother panda'd to his every need!

6. Why did the panda get fired? Because he was only doing the bear minimum.

7. What do you call a bear that never wants to grow up? Peter Panda!

8. Why do pandas love to watch classic movies? Because they are in black and white.

9. What do you call a bear anarchy? It's a panda-monium!

Polar Bear Puns

10. Why did the two bears break up? Because they were just polar opposites!

11. What is a polar bear's favorite food? Brrritos

12. Where do polar bears keep their money? In a snow bank.

13. What do you call a polar bear living in Florida? A solar bear.

14. Who is a polar bear's favorite musician? Seal.

Other Bear Jokes

15. When a bear has a project:

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16. What do you get if you cross a teddy bear with a pig? A teddy boar.

17. What do you call a bear who practices dentistry? A molar bear.

18. What is a bear's favorite dessert? Bluebear-y pie.

19. How do bears stop a movie? They hit the paws button.

20. What do you call a bear with unpleasant news? The bearer of bad news.

21. I'll think of another bear pun soon...just bear with me.

22. What's a bear's favorite thing to draw? A self pawtrait.

23. What is a bear's favorite law? The right to bear arms!

24. Who's a bear's favorite poet? William Shakesbeare!

25. These bear jokes are getting:

26. Why did the bear go to the flea market? He wanted the best beargain.

27. What do you call a bear without any teeth? A gummy bear!

28. What did the bear say when he fell down the stairs? "Oh, how embearassing!"

29. What is a bear's favorite horror movie? The Bear Witch Project.

30. And lastly:

Did any of these punny bear jokes make you feel like your old teddy bear did for you? Please let us know in the comments!

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