hoover dam

Did You Hear About the Drunk British Guy Who Swam Across the Hoover Dam?

No, it's not a joke. A UK man, drunk from a stag party, swam across the reservoir at Hoover Dam.

Oh, we have details, but first, let's listen to the story from the man himself. The swimmer was Arron Hughes, a forklift driver from Wales. The setting was Las Vegas for a mate's stag party.

A 37-hour bender contributed to the scene as well. Somehow, the party ended up at Hoover Dam. Hughes saw the water and, well, here's what went through his head.

"We were all just standing there, and I thought, 'f*** it! I'm going for a swim'. I got to the bottom and thought 'I can make that,'" he says.

So, he headed to the bottom of the dam and jumped in on the Arizona side wearing only shorts and shoes. Hughes says it took about 30 minutes to cross the Hoover Dam reservoir.

Of course, the authorities were there when he got to the other side to take him into custody. But, the daredevil from Wales got lucky and only walked away with a fine. Hughes really got lucky in that he didn't die, because everyone else who has tried has died. According to Hughes, he first jumped in close to the dam and could feel it pulling him under, so he had to swim harder. He only made it because nine of the 10 hydroelectric turbines weren't running at the time.

Unfortunately for Hughes, Guinness World Records won't acknowledge the "achievement" because it wasn't witnessed by an "official adjudicator."

"It almost warranted going back and doing it again," says Hughes.