woman bites fishing line
St. John's County Police Department

Drunk Woman Bites Pier Angler's Fishing Line, Swims Off with Lure

For those wondering if you should try this at home... don't. 

Leave it to Florida to showcase a real oddball police story.

As the report goes, 22-year-old Alexandria Turner found herself in a verbal confrontation with a fisherman on a pier. What makes this St. Augustine area story even more peculiar is that Turner was swimming in the ocean at the time.

Next, Turner swam over to the pier fisherman's fishing line, bit it off, then swam away with the lure. The police were quickly called after the incident occurred. 

As the police arrived, Turner refused their orders of swimming to shore. Instead, she began screaming at them that she was naked and would not comply. Eventually, the heavily intoxicated woman found herself in police custody with charges of being drunk and disorderly as well as resisting law enforcement.

Let this story be a reminder that it's never a good idea to run for the police. Or, well, swim away from the police in this case. Naked or not, you're going to go to jail.

There was no word on whether the lure was returned to the fisherman.

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