shark filmed

Shark Filmed in Alabama Gulf …with Beach-Goers Still in the Water!

There have been many a shark filmed in the water of the Gulf Coast.

But not with swimmers still in the water. That's what happened June 16 near Gulf Shores, Ala. Birmingham, Ala.-native Kayla Blanks videoed the action with her cell phone.

Eyewitnesses say it appeared that the shark filmed was following a fish, not the swimmers.

That's right, swimmers were in the water with the shark just feet away from them.

People on the beach were yelling, "Shark!" Unfortunately, those in the water weren't English speakers and didn't understand the warning.

Fortunately, volunteer fire fighters from the Montevallo Fire Department in Shelby County were able to alert the swimmers and get them out of the water.

Also fortunate was the fact that the shark's attention was focused on the fish for a meal, and not those in the water.

The close encounter took place about a mile from the state pier in Gulf Shores, in front of lighthouse condos.