This is the Last Thing You Want to See Next to Your Boat, Holy Mother of Shark!

Straight out of Jaws, gigantic shark shows up just feet from boat on a mackerel fishing trip.

Shark videos, photos, and stories pop up all the time. But something about this one will just give you goosebumps. Almost larger than life, this great white shark calmly and curiously finds his way from 60 foot of water and checks out these fishermen's boat.

The size is rather astonishing. More closely resembling the legendary Jaws shark than any other shark I have ever seen. Absolutely huge in length, girth, and even it's tail size, this great white almost seems fake.

These fishermen are just thankful he wasn't looking for lunch.

Out trying to catch mackerel for bait, this deep blue monster swam up into this fishermen's line and they were shocked to see the size of it. So they did what any other person would do when you are five feet from the largest shark you have seen...

They got their phones out, began recording, and posted it on social media for the world to watch.

What a monster!

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