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Determined Dog Walks 20 Miles to Find Family That Gave Her up Twice

Cathleen, a Great Pyrenees mix, would do anything to see her family again.

After the dog's family moved to a new home in Seminole, Okla., her life changed forever. For an unknown reason, the family made the decision that they couldn't keep their six-year-old dog after the move. They surrendered her to be adopted, and Cathleen went to a temporary foster home to hopefully make the confusing time in her life a little less stressful.

Her foster home was comfortable and the people were nice, but to Cathleen, it wasn't where she belonged. She missed her family, and the loyal dog was determined to do anything to get them back. Despite a 20-mile distance between where she was and where she wanted to be, Cathleen set out on a long journey.



When rescuers caught up to the dog, she was tired but not ready to give up. She ended up making that same 20-mile trip again shortly after she was found the first time. That's a total of 40 miles, but it didn't change the fact her family couldn't keep her. Cathleen was returned to her foster family each time, and the Seminole Humane Society knew Cathleen couldn't wait to be adopted into a new family. She needed someone to love her to help ease the heartbreak of missing her previous home.

With her tendency to escape and wander away on her own, rescuers were looking for a specific adopter who would keep Cathleen safe and comfortable. They wanted her to have a fenced-in yard, a comfy place to sleep, and, most of all, a family that loved her.

Once the public learned of Cathleen's story, thousands of people offered their support. Bright Ty wrote on Facebook;

"That dog is the definition of loyal."

After a stressful and confusing time in foster care, Seminole Humane Society announced on Friday that they had great news. Cathleen has officially been adopted to a home in Texas and they think her new home will be the perfect fit. She will never understand why one family gave her up, but with time and lots of love, she'll find a new life with people who love her as much as she loves them.

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