Wolf Pack
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Grizzly Bear Mother with Cubs Desperately Fends of Attacks from Wolf Pack

Watch as a pack of wolves surrounds and attacks a mother grizzly and her cubs. The situation is desperate, for both the wolves and the bears.

Wolves and bears have never been allies. This video of a wolf pack attacking a mother grizzly and her cubs is proof.

They'll surplus kill, which means they'll kill more animals than they can eat or cache at the time. They'll also attack larger predators if their numbers make the attack effective. That doesn't make them evil, as some wolf opponents might want to propose.

These wolves clearly think they have the advantage over this grizzly and her three cubs, as they patiently and consistently harass the mother until one or more of the cubs is left vulnerable. The struggle to eat is as dramatic and merciless as nature gets. Believe it or not, sometimes the predators become prey. No one is safe in nature.

Wolf populations are growing across northern parts of the country. Up to now, bad federal laws have protected these efficient predators from sound management and control.

Additionally, animal rights groups have consistently tried to stymie any attempts by state game agencies to manage populations with hunting and trapping. As a result, wolves have depleted primary food sources in some areas. Once that happens, wolves will target other species like domestic animals and even bears.

There have even been reports of wolves entering bear dens and killing the hibernating bears.

Unfortunately, the video cuts off a little early and we don't know how the incident shown in this particular video turned out, but it doesn't look too promising for the bears.

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