Facebook: Garrett Johnson/Predator Hunting Mania

Man Holds Two Coyote Pups and the Teeth Start Flying

This hunter has his hands full with two young coyotes who clearly are not fond of one another.

Garrett Johnson is a Utah-based coyote hunter.

He's very successful, highly effective and has a whole lot of pelts.

As he cradles two young coyotes in his arms and assures the viewers that coyotes aren't mean and that they won't even bite, but then things go south.

Watch the video below:

Johnson is obviously having fun messing with the viewers, as these two 'yotes clearly have a grudge to settle.

With fangs flashing and snarls snarling, the two seem intent on biting each others' heads off. Be careful there, Garrett; those pointy teeth come awfully close to your own face!

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